Different societies can be formed by the students to rejoice the extracurricular activities according to their choice and strength. A small selection of our clubs and societies is shown below:

Sports Club:

The sports club will organize various sports events. “Sports Day” will also be celebrated in which all the players of each sport compete with one another for prizes.

Dramatics Club:

Through the dramatic club, students interested in acting and showcasing their art will be identified. A “Play Contest” will also be organized.


An Annual Funfair will be organized by the administration including various stalls of games and edibles.

Debate Club:

It includes Parliamentary Debates, Declamations and Annual Debating Gala.

Music and Arts Society:

The society will hold music competitions for students who are good at singing or playing musical instruments.

NUR Student Leadership Program:

NUR Student Leadership Program has established its repute as one of the leading internship opportunities providing platform. Every year around 500 students join NSLP for the experience. Students at NIU will be given first priority to intern at Fatima Memorial System under NUR student Leadership Program, and nourish their personality and to work towards national benefit.  A set of activities takes place throughout the program. For further details please visit Career Counseling Office.