Mrs. Shahima Rehman

Chairperson and Pro-Chancellor, NUR International University

 A development professional under whose impassioned leadership, NUR-FMS has grown to providing services in healthcare, education, economic empowerment and research. Her latest endeavor is NUR International University (NIU) which is formulated with the vision of promoting and imparting quality Education.

NIU is a promising platform that promotes multidisciplinary studies, imparting ethical values and adopting best practices around the world. By promoting critical thinking; NIU wishes to equip the students to comprehend the encounters of knowledge economy.

The NUR Centre for Research and Policy (NCRP) is well established and engaged in helping to reform policy through informing practice. This is a platform where evidence is generated through rigorous research.

NIU through NCRP will be able to generate and disseminate knowledge and provide a platform for serious thinking on policy issues and challenges. It is also a forum interlinked with other research institutes both locally and internationally. Pakistan has great potential to take its place as a leader in the comity of nations. Our greatest wealth are the brave, resilient and brilliant young people who constitute the majority of the population. NIU has come into being to provide access and opportunity in higher education to harness this potential. InshaAllah! We look forward to welcoming our students, with the vision to partner with their parents and society at large to train individuals who will help to not only build Pakistan, but to make the world a better place, as conscientious, knowledgeable and ethical leaders.