The prosperity of nations is fundamentally dependent upon the prosperity of its people which in turn is related to, among other factors, economic development in society. What determines growth? How poverty and unemployment can be reduced? What are the dynamics underlining efficient functioning of a firm in competitive setting? These are some of the questions whose proper answering have direct bearing on the innumerable lives. The Faculty of Management Sciences at NIU is a teaching and research endeavor to seek answer to these and related questions. The Faculty encompasses two departments, namely Department of Economics, and Department of Business. Currently, the faculty has offered three undergraduate programs having unique features. These programs are designed in a manner that facilitate students in building up aptitudes and abilities required in the competitive employment market. The faculty’s broader aim is to maintain balance between theoretical and empirical dimensions of the discipline to produce graduates with knowledge of essential theories of economics and business as well as understanding of rigorous quantitative techniques mandatory for analysis of the relevant data. Further, the faculty aims to produce graduates with attributes such as efficient team member, possessing good character, sound communication skills and leadership qualities by engaging them in collaborative community development services, offering skill development programs and by giving special attention to the improvement of communication and writing skills. In the coming years, the faculty plans to increase the fields of specializations and academic programs while introducing a postgraduate program, i.e. MS Health Management.

Programs being offered: